Don't Cry T_T

Dear my friend,

Don't cry la.. It hurts me more and more.. Ok? Please.. Jangan sebab lelaki tu dah tipu kau, kau kene nangis.. Listen here, baby.. Lelaki tu memang ego nak mati.. Kau tau, aku pun tahu.. But why kau nak jugak dye lagi? Why? That useless rascal don't deserve you the best, you know that? One thing, you have to know, that boy is a h*lla womanizer before you guys on a date.. I'm sorry to say that.. But, it's a fact that you really have to know.. Ok, dear.. No more tears.. Keep it till your husband cheating on you,okay.. He is just your boyfriend, not your hubby.. Girls should be strong and hey, kick that a**ho** out of your life.. You deserve much much much more better guys than him.. Bear that in your mind!


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