Oh man, I hate the boys! Truly hate them soo much!! Yesterday we celebrated the Teacher's Day. So there was a lot of activities including performances thingy. To be genuine, almost all of the performances really boring, except "soley-soley" so most of the time I spent to sleep or etc etc. Then, I heard a loud music. A K-pop music that I've never heard before. And I saw Leng, my 'friend' on the stage ready to dance. And I was like, he look cool. Just then he started to dance and he was so cool! It was Before The Dawn-Infinite. I want to scream, but you know, a lot of seniors around me, so I just remained silent but deep inside my heart only god knows. and the boys behind was sooo irritating! Don't worry Leng, you did your best and you were so cool and you managed to capture my heart! You are so cool and you manage to dance coolly because you listened to your heart. Ignore the silly sakais! They are just jealous. and thanks to you too because of you I like Infinite. I've never know they are cool too. and now, I'm officially, Infinite's fans. =D Happy huh?

p/s: MR, never thought you are just like them!

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