Raya Dah!

Oh yeah! Finally dah raya. Semua mesti sedang bergembira tapi aku, berduka lara kerana sekolah akan mula buka tak lama lagi. Tinggal 4 hari je lagi cuti. Oh, kalau lah boleh cuti lagi seminggu.. It would be really nice. and Yeah! PMR is getting nearer. Scared? Of course I do. But, they said PMR is easy like counting sheep. Well, I don't believe them. Oh yeah! There are tonnes of homework that I've to finish. Bye!

Favourite Quote: Your suffering now is a sign of your hard work 

Everybody knows you tried 
Everybody knows it’s alright 

You get some right, you get some wrong 
Although tiring there will be days to smile 
When you fall down, when you get up 
Although tiring, there will be days to smile, eventually a day to smile will come


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