Bila Kawan..

So in this post, I'm gonna explain everything. Everything! Well, friends can be nice, sweet, tall, short , bla, bla, bla and so on.. Well, to be honest, friends could be anything, I mean their personalities could be anything beyond our expectations. So friends, do not take any offence if I say you are bad-tempered, lazy, and whatnot because it may be an advice in a different way-my way-. huh? You guys may think that I'm too severe to call you such-things-. But I mean no harm! Seriously, I am.. It is my honest and genuine thought of you, and I'm trying to be honest with you. Kata kawan? Friend, kan? Friends should correct each other. And yes, that is what I'm trying to do. Don't get it twisted, ok? I may be not a good friend for you, but I tried and will try my best to be one. And do correct me when I wrong, cause like what Mili Cyras said "Nobody's Perfect". And I believe no one in this world is PERFECT. So, you, yes you, you are my friend and I love you, because you are another precious piece of my heart that will forever-ever in my heart.

p/s: I love you Sherah, I love you Fairy and I love you all! *all of you*

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