Yeah, yeah, Chicken pox ni memang membunuhku.. Seriously, This is my the-very-first-time kena chickenpox, and, it is totally awful, and itchy and pain. It's like something is touring on your body and yes, I'm sick of it! and I really hate it! Oh man, there's six months left before PMR, just SIX MONTHS! I don't have much time to study, so, hunny-bunny-cutie-annoying chickenpox, please stop doing your silly work damaging my body! I want to go to school and I want to study! Have some mercy on me. And I would be happy if you do so. But one awesome thing I know, people who have been infected by this disease has a very low chances to get this particular cancer after adolescence(that is what I watched on TV. The Wanita Hari Ini tv program) . Yes, of course I'm glad to know that.I don't want to die faster. But, for those who had never infected with this very-annoying disease, you should get an injection from the hospitals under the doctor's advice. so, do take care of your health, so you can take care of the world.. haha

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ana said...

chicken pox? kesiannye.. hahaha.. padan muke.. sape suh x kene mase kecik2?

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