Suka Dia?

Aku suka Dia? Tak. Aku tak suka dia? TAK.. Habis tu yang mana satu? Suka atau tak SUKA? Entahlah? Orang kata tak boleh say no to our heart, but damn, true, I can't deny my feelings.. I cannot say NO to YOU.. I''l be damned if I know I like you this much! Again, so damn, that I cannot get you out of my mind and even in my dreams.. I really need my sleep! It is really damn sucks when I have think 'bout you all the time.. I HAVE to think about you with no specific reasons, and boy you know, it's really suckkkss like hell.. Yes, boy! You are hella cool, and yes boy, I like you and no boy, I cannot like you and no boy, I cannot have you and definitely hella yes I will never have you! Man, please! Please, don't make me like you! Cause it's too hard for me! Hella too hard!

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